'' "The denouement is delicious; the love story beckons..."
                                          — THE MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

Carla Danziger is a freelance, award-winning writer. She is an American of Scandinavian descent and lives in Northern Virginia. HIDDEN FALLS is her first novel....

American Kristina Kelly sets off for Norway to visit her revered cousin, Elsa Jenssen, a renowned Norwegian journalist, when her marriage shatters. Kris and Elsa plan to hike Hidden Falls, but Kris oversleeps and Elsa winds up dead at the bottom of the falls. Kris is immediately suspicious, and with the help of her Uncle Andy, a very senior sculptor and Elsa's father, her new friend and soon to be love, Tor Olsen, Kris begins her own investigation. It seems that many of the hotel's guests have something to hide, but what could her cousin have uncovered. As Kris retraces Elsa's steps, she becomes the quarry, and her life hangs by a thread:

"She didn't have the strength to play this guessing game, nor could she keep going or spend the night outside. All she knew was she wanted to live, wanted to see her children again. She would have to use her wits and whatever weapons available to her...."

Danziger's HIDDEN FALLS is a carefully written travelogue and history of Norway. It is an exciting cliff-hanger; the scenery is beautifully wrought; and the characters are starkly real. Kris' heartbreak over her first marriage and concern for her just grown-up children renders her almost foolishly impervious to a new love that is ready and waiting. The denouement is delicious; the love story beckons; and there are lots of twists and turns. Excellent!

Reviewer: Shelley Glodowski, Senior Reviewer
January 2, 2005




"Your story engaged me from the first page and visually took me back to the country I love..."
                                          — MIRJAM AHLADAS

Dear Ms. Danziger,

I bought a copy of Hidden Falls at the Norwegian Bazaar at Union Station in Washington D.C. The cover caught my attention right away as I recognized the view of the Naeroyfjord* from a trip I took on the ferry that slowly winds its way through the clear emerald waters of the narrow fjord between dramatic mountain faces…followed by hungry seagulls swooping up to catch the bread crumbs cast by excited tourists…then a rushing waterfall on the left…an idyllic summer farm drenched in intense summer light around the curve on the right. Your story engaged me from the first page and visually took me back to the country I love, my homeland. I appreciate the way you succeeded in fully holding my interest through character development, a great mystery, and a hopeful romance.

I am including a couple of attached photos of paintings I painted of the Naeroyfjord.

Thank you for a great read,

Mirjam Ahladas
Ashland, Virginia

*The Naeroyfjord is a finger of the larger Sognefjord.
Reviewer: Mirjam Ahladas, Artist





''Mysterious Happenings in Norway
If you like atmospheric mysteries with a sense of history and a little romance thrown in, you'll love this book, as did I. The writing was clear, the setting was very interesting, and the mystery kept me guessing until the end. The twists and turns and red herrings were all excellent as well. The heroine, Kris, was great. I loved watching her grow and develop throughout the book. I really admired her. An excellent read.

Reviewer: Rather Be Reading
June 17, 2011

''"...a very good read."
I'm not a history buff, so I enjoyed learning, or at least getting a flavor for the Norwegian Resistance during WWII. And I'm a little short on Scandinavian geography, and I found myself following the plot with a couple of Google maps. I am a reader of action and murder mystery books, and had fun looking for clues as the story developed.
Danziger portrays her characters with enough detail and consistency that the story becomes a well knit web. The careful reader will sense some, but not all of the outcome. Overall, a very good read.

Reviewer: Ken A. (Bellevue, WA)
May 6, 2010

''"I couldn't put it down."
This novel captured my interest from the beginning - I couldn't put it down. The political history and geographic setting were well researched and added greatly to to intrigue of the story. I only wish Carla Danziger would write more, although this work took her 17 years, so that may be too much to expect.

Reviewer: Duane Kullberg (Chicago, IL)
July 19, 2009

''"Excellent Reading"
Hidden Falls is very well written and an excellent story - especially
interesting for someone who has been to Norway. I have recommended this book to several people and they all thought it to be a great book. Hard to put it down once you have started reading it.

Reviewer: Eunice Johannes (Minneapolis, MN)
July 13, 2007

''"Good story"
I enjoyed this book very much. I like mysteries and have traveled to Norway, so this was interesting to me in several ways.

Reviewer: K. L. Fedorov (Virginia)
January 9, 2007


''"Wonderful read!"
A lovingly crafted novel that combines the best of mystery and romance. Strong plot with "gotcha!" twists and characters we care about. I'm ready to fly to Norway to see the places she describes so beautifully.
Don't miss the autobiographical note at the end that tells the remarkable journey the author took to get this book to us.

Reviewer: Barbara Altfest (California)
March 15, 2006

''"Norway brought to life"
HIDDEN FALLS is a smoothly written and evocative romantic mystery set amidst the rugged beauty of the Norwegian fjords. Heroine Kris Kelly comes across as brave, resourceful and believable. The story unfolds naturally and in the process introduces several mini-themes that may be connected to Kris's journalist cousin's death: the Middle East peace process, immigrants to Norway taking jobs away from native Norwegians, and longstanding German-Norwegian enmities that date back to World War II and the Holocaust.

But the real star of HIDDEN FALLS is Norway itself, with its majestic scenery and hospitable, courageous people, with wonderful names like Tor, Per, and-my favorite-Odd. Danziger works in relevant events in Norway's history, snatches of Norwegian vocabulary, and gives a general feeling for everyday life in the Norway of today. Kris's childhood memories of her Norwegian relatives brought back memories of my own Scandinavian family.

A bonus is an afterword by the author giving her personal motivation for writing this first novel, and its long odyssey from idea to publication. A reader frequently wonders how much of a book comes directly from its author's life. Danziger is considerate enough to tell us.

Reviewer: Verna Suit (Silver Spring, MD USA)
March 7, 2005
*Verna Suit reviews mystery novels for Mystery Readers Journal and www.coziescapersandcrimes.com


''"Excellent twists"
I thought the Hidden Falls book by Carla Danziger a very good read. It's a murder mystery whose plot is solid - it doesn't require a leap of faith - excellent twists, enough tension to keep one turning the pages, and a refreshingly unique context. The descriptions of Norway were very enticing, and the Israeli connection is just perfect. The author sounds like an amazing person. I enjoyed reading about her and her effort to get the book published: how it happened, and all the people who helped her along the way. The combination Norwegian-American with Israeli is enthralling.


Beverly Friedman (Australia)
December 25, 2004

The book was so captivating that I couldn't put it down! Carla Danziger has truly captured the art of writing a romance mystery!!! I was so impressed with the tightness of the story, the details, the misleading clues that keep the reader guessing, the way she weaves the story together, circling wide and slowly (but quickly enough for today's "on-the-go" reader). She adds to the reader's knowledge of Norway, a deep awareness of the country's memory of the German occupation, details of the Norwegian culture, and truly captures the beauty of the Norwegian fjord country and customs. She gathers together a cast of interesting characters in a story centered around an American woman and an appealing modern-day Viking man. The descriptions of the characters are perfect in that she follows the discipline of only giving the reader brief outlines and allowing the reader to fill in the physical features in their mind as they read. This is truly a winner in this mystery/romance genre, with an added flavor and intellectual intrique that draws in the reader completely!

Reviewer: Karen Anderson (Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA) June 24, 2004




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